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IPv6 at TIX

After receiving our IPv6 PI address space assignment from AfriNIC on July 11, 2007, we started implementing it and now peers at TIX can interconnect using IPv6 addressing. On the TIX switching fabric we use the 2001:43f8::/64 network. Our IPv6 enabled route servers are reachable at address 2001:43f8::1/64 and 2001:43f8::2/64 .

Peers wishing to use this should set their Ethernet interface connected to the TIX switch to 2001:43f8::x/64 where x is the hexadecimal expression of the number of the current last octet of the IPv4 addess. If your IPv4 address was your IPv6 address is 2001:43f8::1c/64 (28 is 1c in hex).

Also please refer to the (Cisco) IPv6 sample config

Also please refer to our videos on why you should deploy IPv6 IPv6 Videos

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