Zanzibar Internet eXchange Point -- ZIXP

ZIXP is a project of TISPA.

The Zanzibar Internet Exchange Point (ZIXP) is an Internet exchange point in Zanzibar. It is open to any network operator that believes that they can make their network more efficient through peering.

ZIXP is located at Kilimani, "Mnara wa Mbao", the former Tritel building and current ComNet office (as well as Coconut FM).

As a platform for settlement-free perring, ZIXP allows the routing of intra-ISP traffic within Zanzibar. All its participants are on an equal footing, which in turns means no traffic prioritization or filtering rules for specific participants. All exchange resources are equally available to all participants.

Info about ZIXP:

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Office: Rm 300, 3rd Flr, Posta Hse
PO Box 80449
Dar es Salaam